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St. Louis Public School Retirement System, United States: TIPS Added to the SAA

15 Apr 2019

According to the most recent reporting(April 2019), the      St. Louis Public School Retirement System in the United States added TIPS to the SAA (Strategic Asset Allocation).  The 3% allocation represents approximately USD 25 million.


Other target asset allocations for the Fund include: 5.5% US Large Cap Growth Equities, 2% US Large Cap Core Equities, 5.5% US Large Cap Value Equities, 9% US Mid/Small/Micro Cap Equities, 5% GTAA, 5% Global Equities, 22% Global-ex US Equities, 10% Private Markets, 8% US Core Bonds, 5% Absolute Return US  Bonds, 3% Emerging Markets Debt, 5% Global Multi Sector Bonds, 7% Real Estate, and 5% Hedge Funds.


New England Pension Consultants(NEPC)       is the Investment Consultant for the Retirement System.

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