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San Antonio Fire & Police Pension Fund, United States: Private Debt/Real Assets Manager Search -To Start

06 Aug 2019

According to the most recent reporting(June 2019), the      San Antonio Fire & Police Pension Fund in the United Stated received a recommendation from its Staff to begin a Private Debt Manager Search, which was approved. The Fund reclassified the hard asset-backed private debt  as a real asset search focused on transportation.

The Fund is scheduled to commit a total of USD60 million within private debt for 2019. Staff stated that two of its current managers will be launching new funds this year and will be evaluated for re-up opportunities. With one commitment still available, the topic of beginning a private debt search focusing on managers within the hard-asset lending category was discussed. The Investment Committee recommended the Board begin a private debt search within hard-asset lending.


New England Pension Consultants(NEPC)       is the general investment consultant for the Fund. 


Initial Alert- 26.04.2019

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