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Cambridge Retirement System, United States: Infrastructure Manager Search -To Start

01 Feb 2019

According  to the most recent reporting(December 2018), the     Cambridge Retirement System in the United States received a recommendation from its Staff to start an Infrastructure Manager Search, with a mandate size of USD10 million.       The recommendation was approved. 


As of September 30, 2018, the Fund's strategic asset allocation was composed of:  25% US Equities, 9% Global-ex US Equities, 10% Emerging Markets Equities, 10% US Core Fixed Income, 5% High Yield, 5% Global-ex US Fixed Income, 3% Emerging Markets Debt, 10% Real Estate, 9% Hedge Fund, 2.5% Infrastructure, 2.5% Timber, 8% Private Equity/Venture Capital, and 1% Other Alternatives.  


Segal Marco Advisors     is the Investment Consultant for the Fund.

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